Hacker Paradise Associate: Creative Marketing
-Video Design, Marketing Projects.
Planned and directed a marketing project, based mainly on video publishing. The goal was to introduce the real life stories of digital nomad to public, and to accommodate new digital nomad members to the group. Upcoming trips were fully booked.
LG Display Media Team Leader: Cambodia 2014
-Photography, Video Sketch, Press Release
Joined the volunteer team sent by LG Display. Worked in the field for a month in Cambodia. Taking charge of the media team, provided media source for a number of newspaper articles, and two major TV news broadcasts.
Mindchamps Preschool Singapore
-Photography, Video Sketch, Press Release
Supported the preparation of an year-end concert. Three concerts, by three different schools. Adjusting stage alignment and movements for perfect angle. Discriminate any flaws or errors at the level of finest details for quality. The concert ended in great success.
DREAMSKY Product Development Team
-Market Analysis, Offline Store Management
Launched a series of print products. Including postcards, maps and diaries based on hand drawings. Pricing and marketing was the main task before the launch. After the launch I directed a team, taking care of display design, inventory and quality control of the entire offline stores.
5Min-Lab: Social Media Publisher
-Web Design, Content Planning, Blog Publishing
5Min-lab is an online content publishing team which has more than 500,000 followers. As a Blog director / publisher, started everything from ground-up. Design, marketing and publishing. It grew up as a main part of team’s revenue, based on banner and native ads.