Making a piece of art, Elegant and Gentle
I am a Creative Marketer, Johnny Kim
Storytelling, with dignity and elegance, is the core principle which I follow. The world is flooding with cheap, disposable contents. Some say, it is a trend. Well, I would not deny that it could be effective in short term. However, it only harms with no benefit, in long term.

In marketing, there is no single and only answer. However, there is a right way to follow. A short spike, is none of my consideration. Making a constant, linear growth is where I put my focus. If you need 100k followers in a month, I am not the one you would want to find. But if you want a constant expansion of your business, and if you are working with love and dedication, I will put the same effort as you do.

That, is my direction.
And, it is my field of the game.
“I’m a Storyteller, not a Seller”
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